my mind: while preparing for painting mode..

reflecting on two finalized paintings i have hanging on my wall..
I can think about the methods i used to paint each of them. and the outcome. I'm looking at my Naked Girl in Bedroom painting, and my Bunny Wont Play With Me Anymore.., painting. the first one, i have to add a final glaze to, and come up with a fitting -real Tittle.

I haven't shared it yet, I'm waiting to really Finalize all of it, and for the right time. I dont want to rush it. fyi..its been a year almost spent on that piece, not continually..but still. That one i did many many layers on..and started from black and white, it has much depth!!! I love it! I think with good training and dedication, I can shorten that time a lot. The painting next to it, with the dead stuffed animal bunny, is much flatter. Finished almost entirely within 1 week, painted straight finishing areas in the first painting sitting.. i was quite proud of it. But looking at the two techniques, I think my work and ideas deserve that extra time spent on a black and white underlayer. It turns out quite good. this is the first painting, where i really kept that technique in focus.

Either painting method still requires me to be in the right mood for it though.. the right setting. Which is understandable- i wont force myself into painting if i dont want, meanwhile i will continue to do other productive things. Ive been writing down ideas for paintings, and started quickly sketching some out. Trying to pick which painting I want to tackle next. first. I have 2 other paintings that I want to finish by the end of the year..that i started during summer or sometime. I want to start a new batch of paintings soon, many at a time..progressing each painting together and individually.

I want all of my new work to each be really well done. I dont want to be too quick with my work anymore. I think I have my methods down. I feel good :)