Current painting is nearly finished

Here's where I am with this current painting. I like her quite a bit. this is as far as I can take it, I think, for it to be ready to be displayed this Friday. Perhaps I can do one last pass today, ...then let it dry as much as possible in front of the heater, add more glaze if needed for even sheen, and back to the heater. I've signed the painting, I like where it is. 
16 in by 16 in, oil paint on wood panel. nearly finished.
Looking forward to seeing how its received. Excited to have been invited to display a painting in this art show.

I remembered to check out my painting through a mirror, and I think it looks better this way! Haha, ok not truly, but I do like it. I'm just gonna let it dry, I glazed an area, didn't even have to, but other than that and it not being signed yet, it's finished.

I hope to finish it this month, as sooon as possible! 

First week of June

18 by 24 inches, oil paint on mounted hardboard, wip
This is a painting in progress & currently on the easel. It still needs a bit more work, but I thought I'd share what I'm currently working on. I'll write about it's meaning when it's finished. Oil on 18 x 24 x 1 inch hardboard panel. 

Painting in Progress

computer painting in progress

This is study in progress. It began as a thumbnail in one of my sketchbooks. I'd like to consider it for a painting. I like painting vague scenes that would hopefully leave the viewer creating stories of their own to explain what's going on. I myself haven't unraveled her story yet, that seems to come later in the process for me. ..Though in the mirror on the wall there is a reflection of a figure in bunny ears, which in a way is a call back to a painting I made a couple years ago. I tend to lag on the posting of things, so I'm pretty sure it can't be found here, but the painting I'm referring to is called Truths Revealed. & I was so lucky to have it sell. Quickly after I finished it too!


sorry about the slight glare. I took this on my way out the door, to blog from my phone! This painting is for the bear themed show I'm doing in August. Tons more paintings to go!

the expression and color and all that aren't there yet, but just sharing some progress!
Tonight is the "Group Therapy" show opening!
I'm so excited to go and just hang out during the opening, and check out all the other artwork!
7 - 9pm at 5 & 6 Gallery in Scottsdale.

Big Scanner!

and it is pretty great. this painting measures 16X20 inches.
and is 2 inches wide on the sides.

and was scanned really well!! In 2 parts.

[this painting isn't finished yet, i just did a quick test scan..]
I haven't worked on it in a while, I've been spending all my painting time on paintings for shows coming up!

anyway, Scanner is all thanks to  Aldo! 

been working on this painting again, i hope it turns out good when i finish it, its been giving me a hard time. I seem to want a specific look with her..an expression, I'll get it soon i hope.
8 by 10 inches, oil paint on wood, work in progress

bedroom, bunny suited, naked girl

I haven't worked on this painting very much, have been focusing on a commission.
I'd hope to finish it in time to submit to the Annual Erotic Art Show at the Alwun house in downtown Phoenix. Feels like I've been wanting to participate in this show for about 3 years now, but every year the time comes around I haven't been prepared with a good painting.The deadline is now the 31st of January (just over ONE week)!

Going to work hard to make the deadline, but if it doesn't make it, at least I'll still have a new awesome painting! :P I also have to come up with a tittle soon. I think this painting will be about getting out of one's comfort zone..

This is going to be a good painting. I think I've found a good process finally.. (black and white under painting then glazing in layers of color)! The first painting using this process was my Bear Masked Record. SO excited to finish this. :)

New Painting in Progress

new painting in progress, oil paint on 18 by 24 inch canvas board

in progress, current stage: looking up references for what i want to do with her eyes..

im excited about this painting, im working on it using a slightly different painting technique. using walnut oil as a medium instead of turpenoid, which i just realized leaves me painting in a more watery consistency.
I will do glazes on her later for color. i hope that goes well, i dont know how to do it properly. still excited!