bedroom, bunny suited, naked girl

I haven't worked on this painting very much, have been focusing on a commission.
I'd hope to finish it in time to submit to the Annual Erotic Art Show at the Alwun house in downtown Phoenix. Feels like I've been wanting to participate in this show for about 3 years now, but every year the time comes around I haven't been prepared with a good painting.The deadline is now the 31st of January (just over ONE week)!

Going to work hard to make the deadline, but if it doesn't make it, at least I'll still have a new awesome painting! :P I also have to come up with a tittle soon. I think this painting will be about getting out of one's comfort zone..

This is going to be a good painting. I think I've found a good process finally.. (black and white under painting then glazing in layers of color)! The first painting using this process was my Bear Masked Record. SO excited to finish this. :)