So I don't know, this page is just a quick, "hi, I was here" post. & How are you, are you here too? I wanted to make a page post, for no real reason.

but here it is.

Here's a picture:

I'd like to make a blog post about this image, but I'm not ready yet. Also

, the more I look at it, the more I want to digitally add the detail my brushes didn't allow me while in mexico, using acrylics.

p.s. If you read anything on my blog, and enjoy it in any way, please let me know, this is where I might get most of my socializing nowadays! I mean that's an exaggeration, but, it's also generally accurate.

p.p.s. If you are at all here, because you have liked me as an artist and enjoy what I create, here's this, look up @carolroque2 on instagram. or go to instagram.com/carolroque2. I alternate from having it public to making it private. I post things

that don't follow my own criteria to make it onto my main instagram account @carolroque

. The posts have the feel of, temporary explicit honesty, at best. At worst, an attempt to feel artsy and interesting. Anyway, I hope your day is well, and that you are staying cool this summer.

4:30pm Sunday, 08.16.2015


this paper above, was created before 2008 was over, while I lived at home with my parents. They were still together. the paper i used as palette for a bit looked too good to pass up writing on it. 

p.s. I guess since you've read this far...I shall, share with you my secret blog: 


 It wasn't secret at first, that was my first happening blog. It is now imported to this very blog you are at right now, all the posts, they are combined. Here,

I'll link you to the post that was officially carolroque.blogspot's first post

, it has since been edited. But for the past however long, after merging the two, I continued posting over there, so.. I split the timelines, again. I tend to do that. I'm trying to stop. 

1:47am Monday, 08.17.2015