Honey Bear

digital mixed media collab made under the pseudonym of BrokeBot

Honey Bear, originally named Bear Masked, is about a timid girl who is trying to be fearless. She is encouraged to do so by wearing her favorite head gear. It allows her to feel hidden while at the same time being out there, where she fears to be, but, she decides its worth the risk. 

Here's an image of what it looked like as a record. It was for an art show whose theme was painted records, hosted at a record shop. This was my second and last submission to the show. It was one of my first really good paintings, up until this point, 2009, I had painted things that looked far more amateur than this. I genuinely surprised myself. I was so proud. Thankfully, I don't think it's a stretch to say; I have refined my rendering skills since then.
oils on gessoed record surface, personal collection