Okay, heres an entry of words from my mind..and such.

a rant some might call it. ..that i will later add to drafts. So if youre reading this... Lucky you!! heh,..No, just kidding.

skinning and rigging really sucks. Its working very terribly for me. Ive never successfuly rigged or skinned anything..so, it sucks to not be able to do that for my models.

and..because ive never rigged any of my models..ive never gotten the chance to see how they move, and how well i set up my typology. WEll, this lady thing..she isnt so well modled..but i also didnt finish modeling to where i was happy with her..because i had to do more things with her, to get a grade.

So, yes. I think..if i just could work at my own pase, i could do well on a 3d character..maybe id even correctly rig and skin.

I will not do this for a living. I just cant. And for that im happy. but i would like to incorporate 3d models into my paintings at some point. I do somewhat enjoy modeling..i enjoy the end product. and i can stand it. i dont love it.

I do love painting though. Ill make a living of it. I will. and not for the sake of making of living off of it. But because its my passion. to paint, to make finished pretty pieces..and to keep getting better at doing it. And to not have to work jobs ill hate.

Cus..i dont really want to work.

soo.. In conclusion:

I love to paint. soo..i dont really care much, that i suck for not having learned what i should have at school. its not what i want to do.

and, its okay. :)
i just have to make sure to pass all my classes and graduate as soon as possible. so i can leave it behind me..and just have a paper to show for it.